Habitual & Moral Life-Styles

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How to Place Targeted AD in Anyi Nature (Habitual & Moral Lifestyles)

Anyi Nature ( is a web site that treats about habitual and moral lifestyles that improves lives and businesses.

Due to the nature of the sub-niche targeted, we accounts for appreciable traffic and well specified visitors targeting that your particular market niche.

Anyi-Nature has over hundreds of thousands of visitors every day and steady influx of subscribers and still getting more subscribers every day.

AD differs from other AD in the sense that, any AD placed, appears in all the twenty pages of Anyi-Nature once. And at the same price. So take advantage of this new opportunity now!

Ad rate details are as below:--

1. ONE WEEK = $15 (USD)
2. TWO WEEKS = $30 (USD)
3. ONE MONTH = $60 (USD)
4. ONE YEAR = $1500 (USD)
5. SIX MONTHS = $750 (USD)

NOTE:-- Image AD must be --

width: 250px;
height: 115px;

Post your AD request through the form below:---